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Area near Dwimmermount

City States

  • Adamas – Main power in the region.  Consists of several vassal towns
    • Duros - Town protecting Western border of Adamas
    • Fort Aster - Fort protecting Adamas from the creatures of the Starfall
    • Gloris – Town on the outskirts of the Makano Marsh
    • Muntburg - Town in the Wintertops and built to watch Dwimmermount
    • Passara – Southern town in Adamas
  • [[Retep City]]
  • Vidda – Small independent mining town
  • Yarm – Small trading City-State
    • Fort Oro
  • Yethlyreom – City run by council of Lawful Necromancers – Ally of Adamas
    • Blackpool
    • Rama
  • Arundel – City state run by a Patriarch of Zeus
  • Exeter – Matriarchal city state run by followers of Athena






General Info

 intelligent items and Constructs

Other Worlds


ixth imperial legion


Magic Colleges and Magical Orders

Religion in Dwimmermount

Frog Men

Dock Boys


merchant trader


weapon master

the mob

dwarf merchant


sword mage


combined martialist

muscle wizard



war mage


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Main Page

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