ixth imperial legion

The IXth Imperial Thulian Legion


At its height the Thilian empire had over 25 imperial legions.  Most of the legions were beastmen troops (primarily orcs and hobgoblins) led by human officers and generals.  The chaotic nature of the troops and the occasional rogue imperial general or senator led to occasional legions rebelling against the empire. 

In response, Emperor Puccio III designated one of his legions, the IXth Imperial Legion, as the legion responsible for policing the actions of the other legions.  Composed primarily of human troops (with a few beastman specialists), the IXth legion was always known for their loyalty to the emperor.  Their motto became ‘Securitas Imerium” – “For the Safety of the Empire”.  The troops selected for the legion were carefully screened for their loyalty and piety.

Title: Legion Banner and Shields

The legion was successful in ending several rebellions, destroying bands of traitorous beastman troops, and uncovered several plots against various emperors.  As the Thulian Empire degenerated into corruption and tyranny, the number of rebellions increased.  The brutality of the IXth Legion followed suit.

General Brutus Maximus

General Maximus was born Steven Cooper, the son of a hard-working barrel maker, during the early days of Terms Termax’s rise to prominence.   His family was killed by rebellious beastman (orc and ogre) troops when he was 12 years old.  He was destined for an ogre’s pot until rescued by imperial legionnaires.  Having no place else to turn, he stayed around the Legion camp, making himself useful doing simple chores.  He was eventually ‘adopted’ by the legion.  The legion included hobgoblin troops.  Living among them, he came to understand their language and martial culture.

The legionnaires humored his requests for combat training, eventually pitting him against wild dogs and small boar. At 15, a visiting Centurian, impressed by the ferocity of young man during a fight with a wolf, took an interest in him.  He was taken into the imperial war college. 

Steven excelled in the war college.  He was assigned to the 5th imperial legion.  While there, he gained a reputation for his courage, martial prowess, and ability to work with beastman troops.  He soon rose to the level of Centurion.

He proved his worth during the Tibaldi rebellion.  His century survived when the rest of his cohort had been destroyed.  He had used his knowledge of beastman tactics and culture to get close enough to challenge and defeat one of the rebellion’s hobgoblin leaders.  He took command over the rebellious hobgoblins and put down the other rebellious beastman on the steps of the emporers palace.  He was placed into the IXth legion and given the name Brutus Maximas by the emporer. 

Maximus proved his loyalty, competence, and brutality over and over.  By the time Terms Termax returned from Dwimmermount preaching his planned ascent to godhood, he had risen to the rank of General.  He had also been anointed as a ‘chosen’ of Zeus by the Imperial church, taking part in inquisitorial church activities.

The End of the Legion



ixth imperial legion

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