City State of Vidda


Domain Population: 500 urban families; 2,200 peasant families;

Domain Alignment: Neutral;

Domain Ruler: Syndic Colin Landon, Venturer, Neutral;

Domain Income: 6,889 gp; Stronghold Value: 185,000 gp; Settlement Investment Value: 25,000 gp;

Market Class: V; Trade Routes: Retep City, Yarm;

Vassals: Various tribunes and patricians

Vidda is a small mining town dedicated to the extraction of adamant from the southern Shield Wall Mountains. Several large companies have grown up to handle the extraction, as it is an expensive and sometimes dangerous process, primarily due to the strange monsters from The Starfall which seem inexplicably drawn to the extracted ore.

Vidda is ruled by an elected syndic, Colin Landon, who is also owner of the largest mining company in the town. Landon controls a realm of 14 6-mile hexes with a population of 5,900 families (about 30,000 people). His personal domain includes the town itself (500 urban families) plus hex 2425 and 5 adjacent 6-mile hexes (2,200 peasant families).

Vidda’s proximity to The Starfall demands a larger-than-normal garrison, so the town is protected by 60 heavy cavalry, 240 bowmen, and 360 light infantry under the command of a mercenary captain and 2 lieutenants.


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