Fort Aster

Fort Aster – City State of Adamas 

(with support from Yethylreom)


Domain Population: 20 urban families; 600 peasant families;

Domain Alignment: Lawful;

Domain Ruler: Legate Berthan Quarre, Fighter, Lawful;

Domain Income: 3,480 gp; Stronghold Value: 655,000 gp;

Settlement Investment Value: 10,000 gp;

Market Class: VI; Trade Routes: Adamas, Yethlyreom;

Vassals: Various tribunes and patricians

Manned by soldiers from Adamas and Yethlyreom, Fort Aster is a military outpost intended to keep an eye on the weird creatures and phenomena of The Starfall (see above). It is governed by a legate, Berthan Quarre, appointed by the despot of Adamas. From the fort, Quarre rules a realm of 22 6-mile hexes with 9,680 families (about 48,000 people). His personal domain includes Fort Aster itself (20 urban families) and hex 2720 (600 peasant families).

The outpost is built along Thulian lines and resembles Muntburg (see above) in size and structure. Its garrison consists of 30 heavy cavalry, 30 crossbowmen, 60 light infantry, and 120 heavy infantry, under the command of the legate and his 2 lieutenants

Fort Aster

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