Domain Population: 250 urban families; 600 peasant families;

Domain Alignment: Lawful;

Domain Ruler: Legate Geoffrey Latreille, Fighter, Lawful;

Domain Income:  ? gp; Stronghold Value: 655,000 gp;

Settlement Investment Value: 10,000 gp;

Market Class: VI; Trade Routes: Adamas, Yethlyreom, Rama;

Vassals: Various tribunes and patricians

Duros was founded during the Thulian empire to watch the Northern Forest of Ur and protect the timber trade in the north.  It is ruled by Legate Geoffrey Latreille, who was appointed by the Despot of Adamas.  His personal domain includes the city of Duros and the surrounding hex.  He oversees 17 hexes and 9500 families.  

The city garrison is partially funded by Adamas and consists of 120 light infantry E – hunters, 30 light calvary, and 60 longbowmen


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