Arundel is a City State on Whiteswell Bay ruled by a Patriarch of Zeus.  It consists of a Class III city on the former site of Fort Arundel.

The city is supported by rural estates ruled by Bishops.  All arcane magic is strictly forbidden.   All aspects of life are regulated by the Great Church, a recreation of the original Thulian church.  The Church prefers to be self-sufficient and limits trade with the outside world to reduce the possibility of chaotic influences creeping in to Arundel.  


(Placeholder) – Termaxian attrocities led to the brutal end of a rebellion.  100 years after the fall of Dwimmermount a Patriarch of Zeus was traveling on a pilgrimage to a temple in the old province of Arundel.  There in the ruins he found an artifact and decided to build a new Thulian Great Church here in the North.  The city state has grown slowly since then, restricted by the limits on trade and arcane magic.


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