Dwimmermount - The Village People

Session 2 Part 1
A little death comes for us all

Featuring a guest PC from Rufus’ Raiders (son visiting home from college)

  • Dante – Lvl3 Assassin (Assassin-For-Hire) – Precise Shooting, Bargaining, Fighting Style (two weapons), Weapon Finesse, Intimidation – STR +1, INT +2 WIS -2, DEX +3, CON -1

    • War dog, Hunting dog, armed wit short sword and +1 war hammer.

We started with a lot of paperwork.  I presented the players with a map of Muntburg showing their property and a list of the value (in gold and xp) of historical facts from Dwimmermount.  I had previously determined that the Fist of Zeus party had adventured in Dwimmermount during the time they were travelling and had cleared out some of level 2b, resulting in 1 party member being mortally wounded, and leveling for most.  The PCs rolled and it was the leader Jehan, losing both of his legs (to the slayer of adventurers; the dreaded fire beetle).  He was taken to the temple of Zeus in Adamas and had his legs restored, however he ended up a female.  Enjorran, a member of the “Fist” (a female in my campaign) had taken a liking to a cursed broach.  The combination of the curse and Jehan’s sex change resulted in her losing faith in the gods, her cleric status, and her resulting retirement from adventuring.  Symon Cato, from the Temple of Zeus in Muntburg, took her spot on the “Fist”.

In Adamas, the party sold the recovered jewelry (rolling for each piece and achieving 60-70% of value) and some potions.  They deposited the ring of protection +1 with Isaac Stocker’s henchman Murray to sell it (10% roll failed for August).  Dante and Illyrio bought the two guard wolves available for sale in a class II market and Tariq bought a trained hawk. Dante bought a slave, looking for the biggest and dumbest one for 150% of the cost (I let him roll one up with best 3 of 4d6 for STR and he ended up with a 17 STR).   Dave the Hermit used this time to earn 25 GP per day doing miracles in Adamas.  Eduardo made it clear that to the world he was to be called “Kaiser Souse’”, to protect his identity.  Hera’s congregation in Muntburg continued to grow (aided by Julia’s daily free miracles).

Upon return to Muntburg, Illyrio looked to find out which syndicate was involved in the brothel (if any).  He met with Madam Selena Cooper, who offered to make him a silent partner if he wanted to invest.  She refused to identify her other ‘partners’, but it wass clear it was an organized group (probably the “Dock Boys” from Adamas. 

The party had heard of ‘Vareze’ from Segur the king of the orcs.  They planned on killing him to keep their word with the orcs.  They entered the dungeon, stopping by the face to ask about how the water from the moon pool was collected. (They had previously determined that the magic of true water would quickly fade once removed from the moon pool.  They knew that Isaac was looking for a way to transport the water out).  The face told them that true water would only remain pure in flasks of pure adamantium, purified vitreum, or coated in solid azoth.  They made it to the stairway to level 2a, stopping to kill some centipedes feasting on the shells of fire beetles. 

Before they went down the stairs, they took the time use lamp oil to clear the floor and burn off the blood trial.  Eduardo identified a yellow mold and they were careful not to disturb it, hoping it would remain a trap for the unwary. 

They met the orcs at the bottom of the stairs, calling out ‘hail Segur’.  The orcs allowed them to clear the newly made barricade enough to get by.  The orcs managed to give them some basic instructions how to reach the ‘pool of life’ so they could kill “Vareeze’. They stopped to investigate a room with metal shelves and some alchemical mixtures and a strange metal fixture.  There were 8 liquids of various colors.  Between Jace and Tariq they were able to identify 1 healing potion and 3 potions of gaseous form.  There were two other colors they were not able to identify.  Tariq tried one and it tasted terrible.  Jace tried the remaining one, started choking, and died.  Although Illyrio and Dante were happy to end up with a poison potion each, the party had to collect the body and haul it out of the dungeon.

The metal fixture was box shaped on one end, tapering to a tube with a rubber stopper.  There was an empty flask coated with a silvery substance on the shelf next to it.  The party figured out that this might be used with a machine they had seen on the 1st level.   They decided to check it out on the way out.  They made it to the room with the machines on the first level, after finding out that the orcs had avoided the room with the shelves when an orc had died tasting something. 

The metal fixture fit into the slots on the ends of the machine.  When they pushed the button, the steamy metallic mist filed the flask, coating it with a thin layer of material.  They added a second coat on that flask, and used another empty flask to give it a single coat.  The noise attracted a group of dwarves that Isaac had hired to excavate/fortify the area around the moon pool.  (A group of orcs following the party also came close but when quickly fled when the party heard them).  One of the dwarves fetched Sgt. Fabricio Nino, henchman to Isaac and leader of the mercenary force.  The party explained they may have figured out how to get the true water out off the moon pool (Illyrio rolled 11 on the reaction (+1 for CHA making it a 12)), so Fabricio was so elated that he agreed to have some men carry Jace’s body and escort the party back to Muntburg.  They only stopped long enough to fill the two flasks with water from the moon pool. 

When they got back to town, Tariq tried the true water in the double coated flask and it had an effect!  There was a terrible metallic taste, so the party figured that they should’ve have let it set before filling with water.  A single coat was not enough.  Isaac and the Village People struck a deal; the device for a partnership and a 40% interest in the moon pool operation.  They told Isaac to have the local lawyer (Adryen Hernan) have a contract ready by the time they came back from Adamas. 

The party left the henchmen and animals in Muntburg, threw Jace’s body on a horse, and travelled lightly and quickly to Adamas.  Jace was brought back at the temple of Hera in Adamas, only slightly worse for wear, his confidence shaken (-10% XP until next level).  A quick sale of 2 of the gaseous form potions resulted in levels for most.  While the party waited two weeks for Jace to recover and train, another month passed.  A roll for sale of the ring of protection (now 20%) barely failed; however a roll for Dante’s prior parties sale of the Scarab of Death was successful, pushing him (and Isaac) to lvl 4.  He celebrated by taking part in a gladiatorial contest.  The entire party decided to watch, betting 100 gp at 1.5:1 odds. 

Dante entered as a traditional 2 weapon fighter, with 2 short swords and a dagger.  He faced a traditional ‘pursuer’ gladiator (18 hp, STR +1, CON +1, combat reflexes) armed with a short sword, shield, dagger, and heavy helmet.  Dante easily won initiative, crossing the sand and striking a viscous slash as his opponent blocked one sword with his shield, while the other slashed open his thigh (causing 12 hp damage).  Dropping to one knee in pain, he quickly responded by smashing Dante’s ear and cheek with his shield, stunning him sufficiently to allow Dante to be run through, killing him (the gladiator crit, with a natural 20, doing 15 damage).  Dante’s body was dragged from the arena and thrown onto the pile of dead for the day.

The party was not only out their hard won gold, they were in a quandary.  Dante had always told everyone he didn’t want to be raised from the dead.  He was a worshiper of death (having previously donated several thousand gp to the temple in Adamas) and often talked of how death was a gift that ended pain.  The player said that he didn’t want to be raised (although weakly).  The party decided “Oh, well.  Let’s take the body to the temple of Death and let them decide”.  Mother Riana of Death (speaking through a male cleric) recognized Dante.  She decided to case restore life and limb for free, relying on Death to decide (all on the roll).  Dante rolled well enough to be raised, speaking with the God of Death before coming back.  He came back marked by death, with a grey pallor and black and red eyes (black sclera, red iris, white pupil)  (-2 to reaction, +1 to intimidation). 

The party remained in Adamas for the 2 weeks Dante needed to heal. By the time the party returned to Muntburg it was October.  During that time the congregation of Hera in Muntburg grew to 38.  While the party was gone several people had come to the Temple of Hera:

  • Louys Hereint, Curate of Zeus,
  • Emilisse Faith, Priestess of Tyche, and
  • Some thugs asking for protection money.

Illyrio spoke to Madam Selena about the threats to the church, while Dante watched from the rooftops.  She indirectly admitted working with the ‘Dock Boys’, explaining that they wouldn’t dare extort the church (the ‘Don’ would never allow it).  Illyrio tried to seduce her w/o success but after some coin, she agreed to have the ‘Boss’ of the crew talk to him next time he was in Muntburg. 

Dave the Hermit spoke to Emilisse of Tyche, who welcomed Hera to the church family with a coupon for the casino.  She valued the aid in delivering miracles to the people.  Louys of Zeus was less gracious, reminding Dave of Hera’s position in the church hierarchy.  The party also took care of other business before a final expedition to the dungeon:

  • Dante freed Murphy, taking him on as a henchman.
  • Eduardo AKA ‘Kaiser Souse’ bought a 40% share (the most allowed by Maycot Felippe) in the Flask and Scroll Tavern for 1000 gp.  To seal the deal, he had to agree to take on Maycot’s eldest son as an apprentice adventurer.  
  • Jace and Tariq built a 2000 gp value library and 2000 gp value laboratory in Tariq’s warehouse.
  • Dave the hermit hired a master sculptor and a team of apprentices to build a 1500 gp statute of Hera in front of the temple. He also planned on commissioning a head of Hera to place on the ‘Termax-Hera’ statute in Dwimmermount.
  • Illyrio began talks of building an orphanage (read ‘assassin training ground’) with Dave in Muntburg.
  • They signed a formal agreement with Stocker Goods re: the moon pool.
  • Tariq let Barnubus go, paying him an extra month’s pay and throwing him a 500 gp retirement party (going to his xp bank)

The next day, the village people traveled to Dwimmermount in search of ‘Vareeze’ and the pool of life. The expedition included 9 men, 6 dogs/wolves, a hawk, and a donkey.

1st Session – Part 2
The Spawn of Arach-Nacha

The Village People:

  • Tariq the Harvester – Lvl 2 Mage (Necromancer) – Black Lore of Zahar, Alchemy (x2), Healing, Soothsaying – INT +3, CON -1, WIS +1, CHA +1. Spells – Choking Grasp (skeletal hand)  & Summon Berserkers (4 undead minions, leaving a skull shaped smoke cloud as they disappear) Extremely short necromancer

    • Barnabus Bannon – Lvl 1 Fighter (Corsair)–Swashbuckling, Seafaring – STR +1, INT -2, WIS -2, DEX -1 – scimitar & dagger wielding ne’er do well.


  • Eduardo – Lvl 3 Thief (Cat Burglar) – Cat Burglary, Gambling, – DEX +2, CON -2, WIS +1, CHA +1 – Budding real estate tycoon and mastermind. Wears leather

    • Ukla the Quick – Lvl 1 Barbarian (Pit Fighter)–Running, Combat Reflexes, Gambling – STR +1, CON +2, CHA -1 – Ex-gladiator turned adventurer – fights with net and trident.
    • Boy – War dog


  • Dave ‘the Hermit’ Carrin – Lvl 3 Cleric (Hermit) of Hera – Laying on Hands, Naturalism – STR 1, DEX -1, INT -1 CON1, WIS 1, CHA -1. Wears plate + large shield (2 AC and enc.)  Simple, uneducated, but intuitive.


  • Jace – Lvl 2 Mage (Elementalist) – Elemenatlism, Naturalism, Alchemy, Magical Engineering – STR+1, DEX -1, INT +2. Spells – Burning Hands (Breathes fire), Magic Missile (Shoots Flames), Detect Magic – has wand of magic missiles.  Quiet pyromaniac.


  • Illyrio Sicarus – Lvl 2 Assassin (Bravo) – Fighting Style (two weapons), Intimidation – STR +2, DEX +1, CON +2, CHA +1 – Wears leather

The Village People:

The Village People waited in Muntburg for Illyrio to recover from his injuries.  Both Ukla and Barnabus received major wounds.  Their employers had different responses; Eduardo using an expensive healing potion while Tariq chuckled to himself.  Retention rolls resulted in fanatic loyalty for Ukla (morale +2) and Barnabus not happy, but with no other jobs around he decided to stay where with Tariq.

Dave the Hermit began providing miracles for the citizens and visitors of Muntburg.  The new Chapel of Hera (costing 2500 GP) was also opened in Muntburg.  As a result, his congregation grew from nothing to 12 souls.  Before he left for Muntburg, he hired a peasant caretaker to watch over the new church.  The temples of Zeus (upgrades) and Tyche (adding a casino) were under expansion due in large part to the large prior donations of the Raiders (to build up their XP bank).  Jace was able to trade with Genovese of the fists, obtaining charm person in return for magic missile (which he was able to add to his repertoire after 1 week). Tariq was able to obtain a copy as well.

Eduardo wanted masterwork thieves tools (+1 to rolls, can add Dex bonus to pick locks) but was unable to find them as he was not a member of any criminal guilds.  He turned to Isaac Stocker, who was able to provide them for a extra 20% fee and 2 weeks’ time. 

The travel to Adamas and back was without incident.  In Adamas, the Revered Mother Hanna of Hera agreed to cast restore life and limb on Illyrio’s arm for 500 GP.  There were no ill effects. Jace agreed to cover the costs. While in Adamas, Dave the Hermit began to look for a 0 lvl peasant to learn the ways of Hera.  Trusting his intuition, he looked for someone wise and charismatic.  He hit the jackpot with Julia, a gifted healer and daughter of a herdsman.  She joined him as a henchman, recognizing Hera’s hand on his shoulder.   

The party realized that they knew little about the Spawn of Arach-Nacha, but were unwilling to hire a sage to find out any more.  They grabbed some oil and holy water and figured they were good. They entered the dungeon using the dwarven stairs (which they previously from the dead dwarven character of one of the PCs). 

The party worked their way through the caverns.  They noticed that all of the prior fallen dwarven statues were no longer in the dwarven cemetery.  They did find the rough misshapen piles they recognized as dead kobolds.  They moved cautiously when they got to the part of the map marked by Isaac.  Tariq summoned his undead beserkers and they took on some guardian crab spiders.  Tariq was briefly enticed by the idea of ‘spider powers and strange red and blue tinted magical clothes’, but the party ignored the threats and promises of the spider demon.  Despite summoned spiders and several poision bites, the combination of  flaming oil to burn the webs, multiple berserker spells, and Eduardo and Illyrio backstabs, the party made quick work of the spiders. 

They quickly left after finding the treasure and the stony remains of the kobolds and their leader (the work of the Raiders).  They recognized the cross and circle symbol from some impassible doors they had come upon earlier.  They decided that discretion and 1000 GP was more important, so they cut off the head of the spawn and left the dungeon (avoiding any wandering rolls).  Upon return to Muntburg, they gave the head to Isaac in return for 1000 GP.  Eduardo bought a home near the tavern (1000 GP) and Tariq bought an old warehouse north of town (1500 GP).  Jace moved in with him, planning a joint alchemy lab in Muntburg. 

Isaac was going back in the morning with a group of mercenary solders to secure the cavern of the moon pool.  The party went with them.  Dave the Hermit decided to bring Julia with the party, just in case they found any treasure (to get her to 1st level).  They travelled through many rooms they had previously seen, coming to the impassible doors.  Pressing the circle/cross symbol onto the symbol on the wall, the doors opened.  They came to another set of locked doors in a circular column.  Experimentation resulted in figuring out how to open the doors, revealing a shaft.  By casting light on a rock and counting they were able to estimate the shaft went 200 to 300 ft down and an unknown distance up.  They decided to come back later. 


The map they found in the vault of spoils mentioned the possibility of a secret vault in the armory on the laboratory level.  They decided to find it.  Finding the stairs on the map, they carefully followed a fading blood trail down the stairs.  Eduardo scouted ahead, finding a dimly lit chamber filled with orcs.  They hailed the orcs coming down. 

The group had previously made a deal with the orcs, however there was only one character who was there when the deal was made.  They did not know the pass phrase, but since the orcs had been decimated by adventurers, a intimidation went a long way.  The orcs agreed to take the group to their king. 

After a long series of negotiations, shows of force, and lots of lucky rolling, Segur, ‘king’ of the orcs, agreed to take them to a nearby armory for a 50/50 split (he know that the orcs would probably win the fight, but that he and many orcs would also probably die ).  He also got a promise to fight the gnolls from the party).  Eduardo, Illyro, and Ukla went with Segur and 2 orcs to look for the vault.  The rest of the party remained as hostages. 

After 20 minutes of playing with stuff in the room, Illyrio managed to describe actions resulting in the door opening.  They found an old desk, a coin counting device, and treasure.  The orcs wanted 4000 SP and a valuable jeweled broach, the party taking the rest.  Suspecting a ring was magical, they made sure NOT to put it on, just in case they wanted to sell it for the gold and XP.


When they got back to Muntburg, Jace was able to cast Detect Magic and determine that the ring was magical.  He was able to identify it with magical engineering – a ring of protection +1 (valued at 25,000 GP).   The party quickly decided to get it to Adamas for sale through Isaac’s company.  Julia became a 1st lvl priestess of Hera setting up shop in the chapel (Dave the Hermit made his loyalty roll, thanking Hera for the fellowship spell).  


1st Session – Part 1
Illyrio loses an arm

All of the PCs were given the option of keeping their prior PCs or rolling up new ones.  Only one PC choose to retire their character – a cowardly, but effective mage.  He re-rolled an assassin – Bravo.  I allowed the Player to start with 2,000 XP (from a total of 3500 GP).  The PCs are as follows:

Tariq the Harvester – Lvl 2 Mage-Necromancer – Spells – Choking Grasp (skeletal hand)  & Summon Berserkers (4 undead minions, leaving a skull shaped smoke cloud as they disappear)

Eduardo – Lvl 3 Thief-Cat Burglar (Note: 5 CON) Wears leather

Dave Carrin – Lvl 3 Cleric-Hermit of Hera – Wears plate + large shield (+2 AC and enc.) (Note: 7 DEX and CHA)

Jace – Lvl 2 Mage-Elementalist – Spells – Burning Hands (Breathes fire), Magic Missile (Shoots Flames), Detect Magic – has wand of magic missiles

Illyrio Sicarus – Lvl 2 Assassin-Bravo – Wears leather

The campaign restarted 5 weeks after the last foray into the dungeon.  Here is a quick list of the changes:

  • Castellan Thevenin Verodart of Muntburg now requires that every person must buy an annual license to enter Dwimmermount at a cost of 100 GP.
  • NPC Isaac Stocker had built a warehouse and has obtained from Castellan Verodart the sole right to draw water out of the moon pool.  He offered the party a deal.  He gave them a map to the 1st level (from the scroll case recovered by the Raiders) and promised 1000 GP if the party could rid the 1st level of the Spawn of Arach-Nacha.


  • The treasure map from the vault of spoils was replaced with a treasure map to the secret treasure room on lvl 4.  I had decided that the Vault of Spoils, the secret treasury on lvl 2A and the secret treasury on lvl 4 were the spoils of the IXth Thulian Legion.  The general killed by Turms in the secret history, was the general of this legion, headquartered in Dwimmermount.  As most of the Imperial command joined the Termaxians in hope of becoming immortal, the IXth Legion sought to sneak the spoils out bit by bit and leave.  The map also provides a clue to a secret treasury in the armory on lvl 2A.  It was written by Primus Centurian Cheron, the Great-Great Grandfather of Despot Cheron of Adamas, who left for ‘Fort Adamas’ before Dwimmermount was sealed. 

After a brief refresher on what was going on, the party quickly adjusted to the spirit of ACKs play:

  • Dave spent 2500 GP to build for a temple to Hera in Muntburg. He had permission from Revered Mother Hanna of the Adamas Temple of Hera (the highest level cleric of Hera around). He also purchased a donkey. 
  • Eduardo bought a war dog and hired Ukla the Quick, a spear and net using 1st lvl Barbarian-Pit Fighter as a henchman.  He also bought one of the townhouses in town for 1000 GP. 
  • Tariq  hired Barnabus Bannon, a 1st lvl Fighter-Corsair, as a henchman.

Both Eduardo and Illyrio were given the chance to start as a member of one of the area criminal syndicates:

  • The “Dock Boys” – Organized Crime family based in Adamas, Muntburg, and Gloris – Muntburg crew is run by Boss Drake Horner. 
  • The Adamas Theives Guild – Largest syndicate in and around Adamas, (not in Muntburg or Gloris). 
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood – Assassin’s guild out of Adamas.  Looking to expand to Muntburg.
  • The Nightblades are a small guild of elven assassins based in Adamas, so although the PCs are aware of it’s existence, they are not eligible for membership. 

Eduardo and Illyrio decided to remain free agents. 

The party decided the easiest way to reach the area of the caverns with the Spawn of Arach-Nacha was to go through the front door.  They stopped to ask the face a few questions, but since all of the questions were about the Spawn the only answer was ’I don’t know. Go away; I shall not answer you again today’.  They entered a few rooms and avoided a strange dark cylinder and ghost soldiers playing Zatriko.  They entered the main western hallway.  They saw the blood stains from prior combats between the Raiders and the orcs.  They opened a circular room with skeletal remains being picked over by giant centipedes. There was also a 5’ roughly carved corridor leading north from the room.  Unfortunately, they had rolled a wandering monster check the turn before and a group of eldritch bones had been following them. 

Ukla’s pit training and sharpened reflexes paid off; he was the only one not to be surprised.  The front line of bones tried to overrun instead of attacking. They were unsuccessful. Ukla used his net to ensnare one, allowing him to control it. The next round, the party managed to shut the door to the centipede room and focus on the eldritch bones (EBs).  Dave was unable to turn them but the combination of cleaving and poor initiative rolls by the bones provided for a quick recovery and they started to grind down the EBs.

Unfortunately the centipedes started coming out from under the door.  The sound from the combat resulted in a wandering monster check which resulted in not one but two encounters: fire beetles (which had killed two characters previously) and NPC party the ‘Fist of Zeus’.  A quick truce was made and the two partys made short work of the monsters. However Jace ended up ill from a centipede bite.  Illyrio, tripped and fell during combat with the fire beetles (after rolling a 1 and failing a save vs. paralysis)A fire beetle swarmed on top of him.  His arm was severely injured, becoming useless (Dave the hermit’s laying on hands and a roll on the mortality table later). 

While they were tending to the wounds, another wandering monster roll resulted in a gelatinous cube coming from the east, forcing them away from it.  Both parties decided that discretion was the greater part of valor. They went through a separate set of rooms.  That led them right into 2 squads of goblins that had been watching them warily (from the warband that had moved into these rooms of the dungeon – the creators of the passageways).  A series of bad rolls by the goblins resulted in a one-sided fight where Tariq’s undead berserkers and cleaving by the wardog, henchman, and multiple fighters proved too much.  They broke morale and ran. 

Three goblins, unable to run, surrendered.  Yurain the dwarven vaultguard from the Fists killed one of the goblins.  A second goblin promised it would lead the parties to safety if released.  Once he was released, he ran as fast as he could, escaping into the darkness. 

The last surviving goblin, Redfang, led the group out of the dungeon.  Jehan of Zeus, the leader of the  Fists rightfully accused Tariq of necromancy.  Tariq was able to convince him otherwise, stating that it was just a trick to make his summoned berserkers more frightening.  It helped that Genovese of the Fists supported him. 

The party returned to Muntburg to lick their wounds, allowing Illyrio to become healthy enough for the trip to Adamas to find someone to cast Restore Life and Limb.  During this time Dave the Hermit provided miracles for the peasants in Muntburg. 

Prologue #2
Village People

Prologue 2 – The Village People

The Village People campaign was basically a series of recurring one shots.  The initial session resulted in the 1st meeting between a party and a rival NPC band of adventurers.  The Delvers were victims of the PCs.  They were sure to explain that ‘what happens in the dungeon, stays in the dungeon”.  Their disappearance is still an unsolved mystery in Muntburg. 

They lost several PC characters during several forays. Using ACKs templates it was incredibly easy to roll up new characters and have the PCs playing as soon as they returned to Muntburg.   One of the original PCs was an assassin ‘Cult Deathbringer’, which we defined as a Termaxian cultist.  The party met the NPC party the Fists of Zeus (Typhon) in Muntburg.  The PC decided to retire that character by having him join the Fists in an attempt to assassinate them.  As a result I decided that he succeeded in killing Heloys the fighter while the Fists were in combat with some eldritch bones on level 2b.  The Fists killed him soon after.  The five remaining members of the ‘Fists’ became known henceforth as the five fingers of the newly named “Fist of Zeus”

Their last foray was wildly successful.  3 PCs rolled up new characters: two clerics (Hermit and Undead Slayer) and a mage (Necromancer).  That made for a total of 3 mages in the party.  The clerics included a cleric of Hera (Anesidora – Hermit template) and a cleric of Death (Donn – Undead Slayer template) armed with a silver scythe.   The remaining party member was a Thief – Cat Burglar.  The combination of a lucky pick locks roll, a good turning roll, magic missile, and the silver scythe made short work of the Vault of Spoils and its guardian wight.  The one shot ended with quick trips to Adamas and Yethlyreom to sell a +1 sword, a broach of sheilding, and the rest of the spoils, resulting in lots of gold and levelling for all.

Prologue #1
Rufus's Raiders

Prologue 1 – Rufus’s Raiders

Several forays into the dungeon for the Raiders left them relatively unscathed (although several NPS were dead).  They also had recovered the scarab of death, finished off Guran and the kobolds, and driven the orcs from the 1st level (and extorting Seger to give up his chest of treasure in exchange for a truce).  Two of the Raiders (a Barbarian and Thief) had joined the “Dock Boys’ a criminal syndicate out of Adamas that had settled into Muntburg, and the Assassin had joined the Scarlet Brotherhood, an assassin’s guild out of Adamas.  They had also managed to provide thousands of gold in donations to the churches of Tyche and Zeus (Typhon) and into the coffers of local taverns (building up their reserve xp). 

The Raiders had almost spent as much time out of the dungeon as in.  They travelled to Yethlyreom to sell magic items and to Adamas several time to obtain supplies, identify and sell magic items, and train.  The fighter (gladiator) of the party became enamored with Emilisse Faith of Tyche, which played out over several sessions.

The Raiders never hired any traditional henchmen.  When they started the campaign, I gave them 2 NPC members which joined their band, a thug fighter (who died) and factotum venturer named Isaac Stocker.  They did rescue the dwarf Balfar, who joined their band before dying in combat.  They did have several dogs and horses however.

I normally despise the very concept of a GM NPC, however Isaac served a very specific purpose.  He was there to help the Raiders recognize their ability to shape the world.  He also introduced them to the economic possibilities in the campaign world. Isaac had a goal – to discover the famous Moon Pool of Dwimmermount, and sell it’s magical water to the world, thereby becoming rich.  He also provided the party with discounts and the benefits of a larger market in Muntburg.  While the other party members spent their gold on their xp reserve, Isaac bought a townhouse in town.  He asked the party to join him in a mercantile venture, which they did, resulting in profit for all. 

Isaac was mostly silent in the dungeon.  He had precise shooting, and was given to a PC to run during combats.  When my son went to college and the Raiders campaign ended, Isaac was to become a catalyst to help restart the Village People campaign. 

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