The Fist of Zeus

Rival NPC party


Group of adventurers led by Jehana of Zeus, a cleric who began as a man, but became a woman as a result of having his legs repaired by spell. They have explored the laboratory and the 1st level. They were killed by the Raiders in Dwimmermount; their bodies have not yet been discovered.

Jehana of Zeus – Full of herself, once proud (taken down a peg by his sex change)

Justinian Ondart – Fighter who sees his adventures as a crusade against chaos

Genevote – Mage from the blue citadel in Adamas, she puts up with her teams strong attitudes and beliefs to gain access to the secrets under the mountain.

Symon of Zeus – Ambitious cleric who left the temple in Muntburg to serve Zeus in a more hands on way.

Yurain Suregrip – Dwarven vaultguard, dedicated to fighting chaos, a little down about the desecration of the dwarven cemetery.


The Fist of Zeus

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