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Village People - Session 6 part 1

an engagement suprise

Village People – Session 6 Part 1

The Village people celebrated Yule in Adamas.  By the next time the VP played, the campaign calendar had advanced three months.  Each PC received their share of Isaacs’ Moon Pool operation and subtracted their monthly expenses.  A lot of campaign activities occurred via the campaign forum.  Each PC had something to do:

  • Tariq – Spent the first few weeks learning a 3rd level spell – Dismember.  He also bought more lab equipment to send to his home in Muntburg. He also:
    • Hired a shaman – snake healer,
    • considered creating potions or scrolls but realized he didn’t have the requisite monster parts, and
    • spent 60 days learning collegiate wizardry (which I have house ruled adds +1 to all spell research rolls, +2 at 7th level and +3 at 13th level).
  • Eduardo had a mixed bag of results of his various businesses.  His monthly rolls equaled normal profit, no profit, and a doubling of his investment of his tavern business as he ended up as the primary distributor of premium dwarven ale for most of the City State of Adamas (raising the value of his investment to 10,000 GP!).   He also:
    • hired a village witch,
    • hired a bard for his tavern,
    • considered buying a large number of gladiators in anticipation of building a Gladiatorial arena, and
    • spent 60 days learning bargaining. 
  • Dave –was summoned for a meeting with Revered Mother Hanna, leader of the temple of Hera.   At the meeting, she mentioned that she had heard that Dave had started receiving tithes from the Legate of Adamas.  She asked him to donate 50% of that tithe to the church in Adamas.  Dave readily agreed.  He also:
    • Hired a sage to research how to create sentient weapons. 
    • He had a head of Hera carved out of stone (to bring into the dungeon),
    • had a 500 gp medallion of Hera made,
    • hired a 3rd level Cleric of Hera henchman (he specified it HAD to be a female), and spent 60 days learning Leadership.  
    • Hired 10 bards, for 2 months.  They went into each of the 20 neighborhoods in Adamas to sing tales of ‘Dave the Pure’, the champion of Hera.
    • Hired a bard and a fighter (for protection) to travel to all of the taverns in the City State of Adamas telling tales of the valor and honor of the Village People. (Tariq actually tried to hire them, but they wanted Tariq to cover 50 gp each in monthly living expenses AND buy them both riding horses and tack up front, he refused, Dave agreed to do it at those prices).
    • Note: Under Juila’s leadership, her and her three priestess henchmen had grown Dave’s church to 300 souls spread over the various areas ruled over by the Legate of Muntburg.
    • Spent 60 days learning Leadership
  • Jace –  also spent the first few weeks learning a 3rd level spell, fireball.  He also:
    • Hired a sage to investigate Altrusian (ancient lizardman) culture and to allow him to study the language. 
    • Satisfied with her work, he hired her on as a henchman (a 4th level sage), although with the understanding that she could take outside work if she was not working on anything for him,
    • Purchased additional materials for his library to send to Tariq’s home in Muntburg, and
    • spent 60 days learning the ancient Altrusian language. 
  • Illyrio – Managed to work with Dave, the temples of Apollo and Hera to take in 10 orphans from Adamas and being them to his orphanage in Muntburg.  He also:
    • Hired a matron to take care of any orphans in his orphanage. 
    • hired a scribe to teach them to read and write multiple languages including common, high imperial, and the tribal language of the equatorial barbarians (separate from the tribal languages of the southern steppe and northern barbarians)
    • Hired a  3rd Lvl explorer – pathfinder henchman.  He sent her on a mission to scout a way to the Ruins of Loreac (the location of a treasure map the party discovered).  She asked him to pay for hiring two others to ensure her safety and he agreed to give her 100 gp for the mission, and
    • Spent 60 days learning the Endurance proficiency.

When the Village People returned to Muntburg, Eduardo (AKA Keyser) met with Legate Verodart.  The meeting began cordially.  Eduardo put forth his plan to purchase about 96 acres (about 16 hexes on the map of the area immediately around Muntburg) for 50 gp per acre.  The Legate needed to know more before he would allow him to purchase that much land within a mile of town.  He wanted to know what ‘Keyser’ was planning.  Keyser explained that he wanted a place for the businesses of Muntburg to expand, benefiting all.  ‘Keyser’ would provide security, allow businesses to build there, and would be willing to collect taxes for the Legate.  He would also aid with infrastructure costs.  All in all, it was a reasonable offer, especially if ‘Keyser’ would be willing to pledge fealty to the Legate . . . . and then the PC rolled snake eyes on the reaction roll. 

“I’ll let you build on the land for the same deal as before, an initial 20% fee for infrastructure, which I will match.   Let’s see how that works out for a few months before I let you have that much land” said the Legate in a forced air of politeness.  “I appreciate your offer for assistance, but I really do have to work”.  As ‘Keyser’ left he thought he heard the Legate mumble something about ‘uppity adventurers not knowing their place . . .’ and ‘Phillipe was right’.

Returning to the Scroll and Flask to mourn his sorrows over his missed opportunity, Eduardo received a message that a dwarven merchant was looking for him.  Intrigued, he agreed to meet with him.  Eduardo recognized Thoric Brewmaster, the dwarven merchant with whom he had struck the deal to have sole franchise rights for his clans quality ale.  With him was a grizzled and scarred Vaultguard he introduced as Azum Strongaxe. He stated by congratulating ‘Keyser’ on his recent financial successes as a result of his family’s ale.  “Now, didn’t you wonder how you got that lucky, more than doubling your investment in less than 6 months?  There is a reason I choose you.  I know about your trips under the mountain.  There is a favor I would ask of you so we can strengthen our bond.”  ‘Keyser’ agreed to hear his request.

Thoric explained that his family had faithfully sending several dwarven warriors each generation to protect the secrets of Dwimmermount.  After a period of 10 years they would return to the clan.  However, several dwarves were overdue, including his cousin, x.  If the Village People could find out what happened to him, and the other dwarves, he would be eternally grateful.  He would also provide a contract providing exclusive rights to sell a delightful Brewmaster Clan brandy in the North.  ‘Keyser’ accepted.  Thoric pulled out a bottle of his family’s trademark brandy and they spent the rest of the night drinking to their bargain. 

Eduardo woke up with a headache, a strange map, and a foot-long metallic rod, made from a strange metal.  He dimly remembered that he was to follow the map, taking the rod to an area on the map, opening a doorway to the dwarven area of Dwimmermount.  This was what dwarves from Vol Darul had been doing for centuries.  When he found out what happened to x, he was to find and speak to Azum in Adamas. 

Dave also had business to attend to in Muntburg.  Dave cast fellowship and met with Julia, who noticed that he was different.  All of Dave’s hair was now white, and when she met his eyes, she felt that he could see straight into her soul, baring all of her bad choices. (On her this added +1 to reaction rolls). 

“Julia, you have done very well. Hera smiles upon our church.  My recent brush with death has changed me and made me realize what is important.  As you know Hera requires that her followers marry and raise a family.  I have had this medallion of Hear made for you (500 gp).  It pales in comparison to your beauty and devotion, but please take it as a sign of my feelings for you.  I hope that you would consider getting to know me better.  Maybe eventually becoming my wife”.   

Julia sat in stunned silence (the result of the reaction roll, was uncertainty, even with 5 in bonuses (since it was marriage only a 12 would be sufficient).  She began to blush, replying “Brother-Disciple Dave, I don’t know what to say.  I am honored, but . . . I never have considered you that way.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for you.  I have always been your humble student.  I never considered I could be seen by you as anything but a servant.  I will need some time to think on it.”  Dave looked into her eyes and said “I understand. Please know that whatever you decide, I will respect it as Hera’s will.”

Dave also went to the temple of Zeus in Muntburg to talk to Vicar Louys Herint to mend fences.  Dave began diplomatically (and enhanced by fellowship) stating “My recent brush with death has made me see the world in a new light.  I want to put any bad blood behind us and work together to strengthen the bonds of our churches and the faith of the people. Muntburg is growing rapidly and needs our guidance.  Let’s work together”

Unfortunately, Dave’s new aura made Vicar Henrint feel shame for his actions in the past.  Dave’s bad luck with reaction rolls didn’t help. “At last you recognize that the Temple of Zeus is supreme.  If you are willing to act subservient to me, I will agree to recognize Hera’s role here in Muntburg.  Just remember your place”

Dave seethed quietly for a heartbeat before responding. “Hera and Zeus are equals.  Each has their role to play”.  Herint was not so measured.  “Don’t think I don’t know what you’ve done.  Stealing money from the Temple of Zeus by taking money from Legate Verodart designated for me.  You may have him fooled.  You may have even fooled Bishop Saidon, but not me.  I know those that you travel with.  They play with foul arcane magics and chaotic forces.”  He started to shake with rage as he spoke. “Where was Hera when the Termaxians befouled the minds of men and made slaves of us all?  Hiding, that’s where.  It was the Temple of Zeus that led us to freedom, and through Zeus that a new empire will rise!”

As Dave stormed out in anger, Herint screamed after him.  “A reckoning is coming!  The Inquisition will be here soon.  Nothing is hidden from their eyes. They will root out the corruption that is the Village People.  And then you will feel the full power of the Temple of Zeus!”



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