Dwimmermount - The Village People

Raiders Expedition 3

Rufus’ Raiders – Expedition 3

  • Rufus Hypnol– Lvl 4 Barbarian Death Dealer – Ambushing, Survival, Running, Armor Training, Profession – Gangster -  STR +2, CHA -1, plate mail and armed with a two handed sword – Would be gangster
  • Dante – Lvl 5 Assassin (Assassin-For-Hire) – Precise Shooting, Bargaining, Fighting Style (two weapons), Weapon Finesse, Intimidation, Gambling – STR +1, INT +2 WIS -2, DEX +3, CON -1, wearing custom skull helmet, Plate mail, poison injecting short sword, war hammer +1, unearthly appearance (corpselike skin, black and red eyes) – death worshipping assassin.
    • War dog – Finn, Hunting dog – Scout, Guard Wolf – Balto
  • Lazarus Deathbrood – Lvl 4 Cleric Exorcist – Sensing Evil, and Intimidation, INT -1, WIS +1, DEX +2, CON +1 CHA +1 Wears Plate under a black cassock, armed with shield and sickle or a scythe, bloodthirsty Cleric of Death.
    • Tendo –  Lvl 2 Mage Soothsayer – Soothsaying, Performance (Storytelling), Theology Has Magic Mouth, Protection From Evil, Sleep (pulls out dandelion, blows seeds to cover an area causing sleep). Young mage seeking adventure and knowledge. 

The Raiders started in Adamas  on January 15th.  They had to pay two separate mages to identifiy the magical gem as a periapt of health (first attempt failed).  It prevents the holder from contracting any disease and was worth 25K gp on the open market.  They missed the roll for the book and the first roll for the gem.  Murray would try again in February. 

Lazarus had a special weapon made, a silver karisigama (chain sickle).  During this time, Dante worked on his gambling.  Once the weapon was completed, Dante worked on showing him how to use it (martial training proficiency).  They waited until the end of the month in Adamas before heading to Muntburg.  Isaac was able to double the number of moon pool water sales and Dante and Rufus got a good return on the first month of rentals from the townhouses they built in Muntburg (treated as a business investment roll). 

They headed over the snowy roads to Muntburg.  In Muntburg, they headed into the dungeon.  Entering through the old dwarven stairs, they made it to the stairs down to the reliquary with only a short delay while Dante sliced up some giant centipedes eating the remains of a goblin corpse.

They engaged in brief exploration, including the discovery of a former undead creature (12 foot spinal column attached to a skull), and a plundered storage room. They found another storage room full of 5 man sized burlap bags, all tied at the top.  Each were filled with a struggling mumbling figure.  Dante opened one, only to find a zombie who tried to bite him. Dante managed to kill it and Lazarus turned the rest.  AS they struggled to get away in their bags the party made short work  of them.

As the party started to search the room, they heard something in the hallway beyond.  Dante peered into the hall to see the edge of torch light.  He hid against the wall while and waited for the other party to reach them.  The rest of the party closed the door.  They discussed the issue and decide to rid themselves of their dungeon rivals once and for all. 

The Fist of Zeus opened the door, remaining in the hallway.  Lazarus and Rufus spoke to them inwork together greeting.  Jehanna (having been previously been turned female after having his legs restored in Adamas) happily greeted a fellow cleric (the clerics of death were quick to join followers of Zeus and Tyche against the Termaxians) and suggested that the parties work together.  The Raiders happily agreed to lead the way.  Dante continued to remain out of sight crouched against the wall.

As the Fist entered, Dante waited until the heavily armed front row passed and struck the mage Genevote.  The Fist were not surprised, so initiative was rolled.  Dante’s quick reflexes paid off and he managed to take down the mage with a quick strike. He was unable to wound the heavily armored cleric Jehanna of Zeus. Next to act was Tendo.  He cast sleep, managing to put Dante’s hunting dog and Jehanna to sleep.  Dante ordered his wardog to rip out Jehanna’s throat, killing her as she slept. 

The fighter of the fists, Justinian Ondart, struck at Dante, missing.  The remaining cleric of Zeus, Symon, cast hold person, freezing Dante in his tracks.  Rufus swung at the Fist’s heavily armored dwarf, Yurain Suregrip, as did Lazarus. The dwarf missed in his attack. 

Tendo was unengaged and managed to cast sleep in the second round.  Dante’s wardog made his save, however the fighter Justinian did not and the wardog tore out his throat.   Symon Cato, in his anger, moved to kill the paralyzed Dante, however Rufus moved past the dwarf, taking a slash from his axe, to engage Symon.  Rufus struck him with a mighty blow.  Symon Cato struck back.  Lazarus ran away from the dwarf, shrugging of a glancing blow from the dwarf, to reach Dante.

Lazarus managed to win initiative and poured a health potion down Dante’s throat, freeing him from the paralysis. Rufus finished off the cleric. The wardog engaged the dwarf.  Finding his compatriots all down, the dwarf tightened his resolve shouting curses at the treachery of the Raiders.  He eventually fell to the combined might of the party. 

The party revived the mage.  She responded “Why? What did we do to inspire such violence”.  Dante was all business, interrogating her on where their residence was in Muntburg.  After the interrogation, Rufus slit her throat.  Looking down at their carnage, Dante used his divinely given Detect Magic ability and they collected the magic items of the fallen.  They ended up with 2 magical shields, a potion of healing, a clerical scroll, and a magical Warhammer.  They put the bodies into the bloody bags formerly holding the zombies, tying up the ends and left them in the dungeon to rot.  They managed to leave the dungeon without incident.

Returning to Muntburg, Dante snuck into the Fist’s rented townhouse, using a key recovered from their bodies.  He found some gold and Genevote’s spell book, written in Ancient Thulian.  Tendo, unable to read the language, took the book anyway.  After a quick trip back and forth to Adamas to sell some magic items taken from the Fist, the party went back in to the dungeon. 



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