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Farewell to the Heralds

On their way out of town, Peiru Danthan of the watch told Eduardo that there was a white haired adventurer who came back from the mountain who had symptoms like Eduardo and Ukla had when they exited the dungeon.  The party entered the dungeon with their animals, Ukla, Lenny, and Shemp.  They entered the mountain through the front door and ran into the Crimson Band.  When confronted, they showed them the order from the Despot of Adamas.  They also offered to sell their map of the first level to the band once they got a chance to make a copy.  
They made it to the elevator without issue.  They used the key to lock the door, leaving the animals and Shemp to guard the door and went down the shaft.  They finally figured out the teleportation traps.  On the way to the hidden treasure room on the map they found a room filled with webs (avoided), a temple to death, and a room with a giant Terms statue.  Right before they reached their destination, Tariq waited at a door to see what happened if they waited in a teleporting trap room.  They were actually surprised when they were teleported to a strange room.  By amazing luck, they were all teleported to the same room (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  Not DM error, nope, just luck).  
They heard battle to the west.  They found minotaurs fighting a group of short sword wielding humans.  They choose to aid the humans.   During the fight, a summoned zombie struck a human figure, seemingly with no effect.  Fearing they made the wrong decision, they helped finish off the minotaurs anyway.  
After the fight, the party discovered that the leader of the group, Kriska, was willing to meet them and ask for assistance against the minotaurs.  They also found out that they could see in the dark and had lived their entire life in the dungeon.  A second group appeared, however they were ratmen!  The party realized that the ‘humans’ were actually wererats.  They told them they would meet later.  They waited for the teleportation room reset and ended up all over the level.  By tracking light sources, and yelling, they were able to meet.  As they neared  their goal, Ukla noticed a group approaching from a side hallway.  
There was a group of 2 armed men, a lightly armored woman in the back, and two men and a woman dressed in clothing in the middle (apparently mages).  One of the men matched the description of the person Corpoal Danthan of the Muntburg Watch identified as the person struck dumb with terror.  A red headed female mage was the apparent leader, who introduced the group as the Heralds of the Silver Dawn.  With them was Shemp.  
Seeing Shemp, the party knew that their animals were unlikely to have survived.  The mage identified herself as Alina.  After some initial parley, she goaded her party to attack, but Shemp begged her not to fight.  As they settled down and agreed to go their separate ways, one of the mages suddenly cast a spell without making a sound! The party was surprised and several members, including some casters, went down (I had decided at the beginning of the campaign to allow saves vs. sleep (-1 per lvl of caster) when the party cast it against monsters, so I used the same rules here).  Luckily Tariq made his save and managed to win initiative for the next round.  He summoned undead berserkers which kept the fighters from slaying the sleeping party members.   
The Heralds rolled incredibly badly (all in the open), and the party rolled well.  The party managed to awaken before anyone was slain.  Making things worse for the Heralds, Tariq was able to summon a ghostly spirit which possessed one of the mages.  The fighters were slain, Shemp was wrestled down, and the remaining 3 heralds fled (in the middle of the battle).  
The sounds of the battle attracted the attention of many frog men in a nearby room, who immediately attacked, surprising some.  The party handled those creatures relatively easily, as there were several elemental and undead berserkers remaining from the last fight.  Although Lenny was hit with a fear spell, the party ended up victorious with two shaman frogman prisoners.   


Didn’t even mention Dave’s awesome chanting skills. Shame.

Farewell to the Heralds

DOH! It’s been a while and a lot happened, so I forgot. Was that during the fight with the frog men?

Farewell to the Heralds

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