City State of Yethylreom

Domain Population: 3,500 urban families; 4,300 peasant families;

Domain Alignment: Lawful;
Domain Ruler: Phaedra Thyefaine, Mage,L;

Domain Income: 37,870 gp; Stronghold Value: 492,000 gp; Settlement Investment Value: 200,000 gp;

Market Class: III (Magical items II);

Trade Routes: Adamas, Yarm, Passara, Muntburg, Gloris, Fort Aster, Fort Oro, Smerdlap’s Crossing;

Vassals: Rama, Blackpool and various legates, tribunes, and patricians.

Called the City of the Dead, Yethlyreom is ruled by an eight-member council of necromancers who use their powers to raise undead to fight against even more monstrous forces in the North. The head of the council, Phaedra Thyefaine, is the most powerful mage active in the region . The other seven members of the council are powerful, but not in her league. She and her council govern a realm of 29 6-mile hexes and 16,910 families (about 85,000 people).

Although its armies, constabulary, and workers consist in large part of mindless undead, Yethlyreom is every bit as much on the side of Law as the Gods, and the city streets are actually a bit less labyrinthine and gloomy than those of Adamas. By and large, Yethlyreom is a peaceful, justly-run city. Its use of Chaos-tainted magic began out of desperation but has evolved into an orderly, almost scientific approach to death, dying, and the afterlife that has served the city-state well, even if it sometimes results n one or more necromancers succumbing to seduction by Chaos.

Yethylreom is divided into a foreign quarter, in which everyone is welcome (other than clerics, bladedancers, or priestesses), and an inner city, reserved for citizens only.  Anyone can become a citizen for a fee of 50 gp, and agreeing that if they die, the corpse becomes property of the state,  Citizens are registered, and notice is given to Adamas and Retep City.  Cadavers, by law, cannot be sold in Yethlyreom, and the corpses of all who die within its gray walls become property of the city’s ruling council for animation into undead servitors. Riverboats dock
in the outlying foreign quarter, where the rules of the inner city do not apply.

In both the inner and outer city, most of the menial work in the city is done by undead animals and men.  Many of the people of the city, although not mages, know the Black Lore of Zahar proficiency and can command undead at 1/2 the level of a chaotic cleric (minimum of cleric lvl 1).

Yethlyreom’s army consists of 960 zombies under the command of the council. An auxiliary of 360 crossbowmen and 360 light infantry, each under the command of a captain are used for complex or delicate matters.


Originally a pilgrimage site dedicated to Donn, god of the dead, Yethlyreom rose to power early in the Sixth Era. Following Thule’s imperial collapse, Yethlyreom was a haven of safety and stability soon swamped by migrants, refugees, and displaced persons. The clerics of Donn instituted taxes and fees to eject the lowest orders from inside the walls of the city. Soon a sizable shanty town grew up, inhabited by those unable to pay the levies. When a bandit army of former Thulian legionaries appeared in the countryside, those outside the walls begged
to be allowed inside, but the clerics of Donn did not hear their pleas. It was then that a mage named Bion appeared. Bion possessed a skull-ring, a powerful magic item which he swore could be used to protect the city. Aided by a small band of comrades and apprentices, he kept his promise to protect Yethlyreom and its shanty town by calling up an army of the dead from the vast necropolises surrounding the city.

After their victory against the bandits, Bion led an army of undead and peasants against the walls of Yethlyreom itself. He and his allies cast down the clerics of Donn and claimed the city for themselves. Bion’s first edict banished clerics of any sort from inside the city’s walls. Necromancy was practiced openly and anyone, regardless of social status, who demonstrated the ability to work magic was taught to do so in service to the city-state. Since Bion’s time, Yethlyreom has grown powerful and influential, rivaling even Adamas. It is now one of the major power centers of the post-Thulian world.

Relationships with Other Nations

Yethylreom is an ally  of the City State of Yarm, uneasy allies with Adamas, and are wary of Retep CIty.  They have limited ocntact with either the elven realm of Eathame, or the Dwarven vaults of the Heartstone Mountains.


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