Town of Passara – City State of Adamas

Domain Population: 200 urban families (70 dwarven); 620 peasant families (280 dwarven);

Domain Alignment: Neutral;

Domain Ruler: Legate Adryen Hermen, Fighter, Neutral;

Domain Income: 5,411 gp; Stronghold Value: 490,000 gp; Settlement Investment Value: 10,000 gp;

Market Class: V; Trade Routes: Adamas, Yethlyreom, Smerdlap’s Crossing;

Vassals: Various tribunes and patricians

This mining community is inhabited primarily by men, but there is a sizable minority of dwarves here. It is ruled by a legate, Adryen Hermen, appointed by the despot of Adamas. Hermen runs a realm of 18 6-mile hexes and 9,060 families (about 45,000 people); his personal domain is just Passara (200 urban families and 620 peasant families). His garrison consists of 60 crossbowmen and 120 light infantry.

The people of Passara are quiet and reserved, dedicated to their primary industry, extracting gems and ores from the Shield Wall Mountains (see above). This has created a boom town.




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