The Town of Gloris - City State of Adamas


Domain Population: 250 urban families; 610 peasant families;

Domain Alignment: Lawful;

Domain Ruler: Syndic Gillet Hodemer, Lawful

Domain Income: 6,062 gp; Stronghold Value: 490,000 gp;

Settlement Investment Value: 10,000 gp;

Market Class: VI;

Trade Routes: Adamas, Yethlyreom, Smerdlap’s Crossing;

Vassals: Various tribunes and patricians

Gloris is a small community whose inhabitants make their living by farming and trading with the friendly goblins of the Makrono Marsh. Ostensibly Gloris is governed by its syndic, Gillet Hodemer. In practice, Axel Carmis, a legate appointed by the despot of Adamas to watch over the Makrono Marsh and Hearthstone Mountains , is in charge.

Legate Carmis governs a realm of 22 6-mile hexes and 9,770 families (almost 50,000 people); he treats Gloris (60 urban families) and hex 2911 (610 peasant families) as his personal domain. His garrison consists of 60 heavy infantry and 120 light infantry.


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