Area near Dwimmermount

Area Near Dwimmermount


Dwimmermount is located in the mountain range known as the Wintertops, near the town of Muntburg.  It lies within the lands of the City State of Adamas, which includes the towns of Muntburg, Fort Aster, Passara, Gloris, and Duros.   It is ruled by Mahe Cheron, who is advised by a senate of noble families and wealthy landowners.

The City State of Yethlyreom, currently allied with Adamas, lies to the Southwest, and contains the towns of Rama and Blackpool.  It is ruled by a council of lawful necromancers.  Further SW along the Macrono River lies the City State of Yarm. Its people known as great hagglers and traders, led by Lord Syndic Guerin Lamy.  Retep City, a large City State and rival of Adamas lies to the south of Yarm, and is effectively ruled by a council of merchants, temple leader, and aristocrats. 

Elves are rare, but are found through the area.  The small elven realm of Elphame lies to the West of Dwimmermount in the Evensong Woods.  Dwarves have much lower numbers than in the past and are scattered around the towns of the area.  There are a few dwarven vaults in the Heartstone Mountains to the west of Gloris.

There are orcs and ogre tribes north of the Wintertops, namely in the ruins of the City of Winterburg.  There are  goblin tribes in the Makrono Marsh west of Dwimmermount, and in the caverns of the Wintertops.  There are tales of Giants in the Thunderhome Mountains to the South, strange creatures in the Starfall, large numbers of beastman of all kinds in the mountain range known as the Demon's Claws, and trolls and lizard men in the Murklands, a massive swamp to the West of Yarm. 

The Northern Forest of Ur is said to hold the remains of pre-human civilizations.  The Ghost Peaks, outside of Yethlyreom, are said to be home to sprits, ghosts, and other restless dead.  

Area near Dwimmermount

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