City State of Adamas

Domain Population: 10,000 urban families; 4,410 peasant families;

Domain Alignment: Lawful;
Domain Ruler: Despot Mahe Cheron, Fighter
Domain Income: 54,506 gp; Stronghold Value:750,000 gp; Settlement Investment Value:625,000 gp ;

Trade Routes: Yethlyreom, Yarm, Passara, Muntburg, Gloris, Fort Aster, Smerdlap’s Crossing;

Vassals: Muntburg, Passara, Gloris, Fort Aster, various tribunes and patricians

Founded as Fort Adamas during Thulian times, the city-state now known as Adamas is the largest bastion of men in the North. Its despot, Mahe Cheron, rules over a realm that encompasses 88 6-mile hexes and 51,785 families (over a quarter-million people).

The despot’s rule, though harsh, commands the support of the temples of Zeus and Tyche, both of which recognize that the need for stability outweighs other considerations when so many beastmen and monsters threaten civilization in the region. The Adamasian Senate, made up of noble families, still has influence, but does not dare challenge the Despot’s rule. 

Adamas has a garrison which includes 120 heavy cavalry, 180 light cavalry, 240 crossbowmen, 480 heavy infantry, and 480 light infantry, under the command of the despot.  The army is supported by imperial warmages under command of MageGeneral Renfred Fidlo


Relationship with Other Nations

Retep City, to the south, is the primary rival of Adamas.  Adamas and Yethylreom maintain a shaky peace, despite pressure from the temple of Zeus towards war.  Adamas has limited contact with the elves of Elthame and the remaining dwarven vaults in the Heartstone Mountains. 


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