Dwimmermount - The Village People

Session 3 Part 3 -Dwimmermount Expedition 3

search for the spoils of the IXth legion

Village People:

  • Tariq the Harvester – Lvl 4 Mage (Necromancer) – Black Lore of Zahar, Alchemy (x2), Healing, Soothsaying – INT +3, CON -1, WIS +1, CHA +1. New Spells – Magic missile – (Cackling skull of force) – Extremely short necromancer wearing expensive black robes with skull on the shoulders (covered by a cloak in town) – has wand of magic missiles.
    • Trained Hawk #2
    • Lenny Davos – Lvl 1 Fighter – (Legionary) – FS (Weapon +Shield), Siege Engineering – STR+2, INT -1, WIS -1, DEX +1, CON +1, CHA +1 – Heavily muscled former soldier from Adamas, wears Plate +Shield, fighting w/ spear or a silver short sword. 
  • Eduardo aka ‘Keyser Soze’ – Lvl 5 Thief (Cat Burglar) – Cat Burglary, Gambling, Precise Shooting, Lip Reading – DEX +2, CON -2, WIS +1, CHA +1 – Budding real estate tycoon and mastermind. Wears leather and armed with Imperial Legion X-Bow
    • Ukla the Quick – Lvl 2 Barbarian (Pit Fighter)–Running, Combat Reflexes, Gambling – STR +1, CON +2, CHA -1 – Ex-gladiator turned adventurer – fights with net and trident.
    • ‘Shemp’ Fellippe – Lvl 1 Thief (carouser apprentice) – Labor (cook), Craft (brewer), Eavesdropping – WIS +1, DEX +3, CON -1, CHA +1
    • Boy – War dog
    • Girl – War dog
  • Dave ‘the Hermit’ Carrin – Lvl 5 Cleric (Hermit) of Hera – Laying on Hands, Naturalism, Command – STR 1, DEX -1, INT -1 CON+1, WIS +1, CHA -1. Wears custom made plate (with symbol of Hera) large shield with Embossing of Hera on the front (+2 AC and enc.)  Simple, uneducated, but intuitive.
    • Julia Feny – Lvl 2 Priestess (Medican) of Hera – Laying on Hands, Healing x2 – WIS +1, CON +1, CHA +2, ambitious, charismatic novice with a good heart (in town)
    • Jimmy Bakerson – lvl 0 Laborer – Endurance, Labor (janitor), Animal Husbandry, Labor (farmer), caretaker of the temple of Hera (in town)
  • Jace – Lvl 4 Mage (Elementalist) – Elementalism (fire), Naturalism, Alchemy, Magical Engineering – STR+1, DEX -1, INT +2. Spells – New spell –  Mirror Image (smoke resulting in copies) – has wand of fear and wears flame red robes with a ruby tipped staff.  Quiet pyromaniac.
    • Red Hawk
  • Illyrio Sicarus – Lvl 4 Assassin (Bravo) – Fighting Style (two weapons), Intimidation, Acrobatics – STR +2, DEX +1, CON +2, CHA +1 – Wears leather
    • ‘Ghost’ – Guard Wolf – white w/ blue eyes.

Armed with 500 ft. of rope, the party decided to tackle the elevator shaft in to find the remains of the spoils of the IXth Legion.  They stopped by the face and decided to ask what it knew.  After a few attempts at wording, they discovered that it only knew of parts of Dwimmermount around the time of its creation.  The face also let them know that the elevator worked led up to the ‘divintarium’ and down to the ‘hall of lesser secrets’. Eduardo scouted nearby and noticed that the goblins had set up a guard station (with Worgs!), but left them alone.

They made it to the elevator shaft without any problem.  Eduardo managed to scout at the base of the elevator before helping everyone except for Shemp and the donkey climb down.  They opened the door to find 3 giant tropical spiders approaching down a 20’ wide hallway.  They were able to dispatch them, but the noise attracted a minotaur patrol, who opened a nearby door and attacked.  The party took them down as well (Illyrio managing to successfully tumble behind one for a backstab), stopping to remove the minotaur horns. 

The party checked the room the minotaurs came from and found that it led to a hallway and a room filled with strange blue floating spheres.  They appeared to be waiting for the party to do something for a few seconds before moving towards the party.  The party moved away instead of facing the spheres, closing the door to the hall. 

The party followed the map until they got to a 40’ circular room, marked on the map with the word ‘micma’.  The edge of the room had a thin ½ inch crack.  The party was cautious and through a minotaur body into the room, watching it disappear.  One of the dogs also went into the room and disappeared.  They could hear the barking, and called out to it.  It was able to return.

The party decided to explore some more before risking teleportation. They started back at the elevator and worked systematically towards the circular room.  They found a room with white and dark columns.  Through experimentation they lit a nearby connected room, revealing the word ‘micma’ repeatedly carved into the walls, coincidentally the same word repeated on their map.

They fought some frog-like men, Jace charming on of them.  The charmed frog-man tried to get Jace to avoid opening a curtain in the room.  The party ignored it, and they entered the curtain, revealing a series of statues and a frog-man shaman in meditation in a room with a shrine and several grotesque statues.  The frog shaman spoke in common, threatening to bring the statues to life if the party didn’t leave immediately, which they did.

The party moved on to a room with a raised slab with a desiccated form on top.  The figure sat up, and asked the party in High Imperial if they had a ‘passkey’, else they must turn back.   Ukla and Eduardo were struck dumb with fear from the sight.   The party brought out the Termaxian passkey they got from Varazes and found out that the creature, Volusian, was a follower of Terms Termax.  He asked how the cult was going, and told the party he missed being part of the action.  He told them they were free to take the treasure in the next room, but that they should avoid one of the rooms, as it was full of zombies.  The party found and took out a pile of treasure (6K EP, +1 ring of protection, a treasure map, and a high quality shield).

Finding no other way to go, but not yet willing to head back to town, the party took Ukla and Eduardo back to the elevator room, leaving Lenny to watch them.  The remaining party went back to the room with the spheres.  The spheres waited a second and the party acted on a hunch, presenting a Termaxian passkey, and the spheres stopped.  They found a locked door, and where unable to open it without Eduardo.  Illyrio entered a room with strange frescos on the wall.  As he studied them, he became confused.  He started speaking gibberish and moved to attack the rest of the party. 

The sounds of combat attracted a wandering group of shadows, who attacked everyone.  The creatures were immune to the party’s weapons and things were looking bleak.  The party was getting drained and injured by the shadows, and were not able to defend themselves.  As a last ditch effort to avoid a total team wipe, Jace pulled out his wand of fear, cried “cretin”, and the confused Illyrio, 3 of the shadows, and Dave fled.  Jace was able to outrun the last shadow.

The fleeing party fled away from the room, past the floating spheres (before they could react), and back to the elevator room.  They quickly climbed up the rope.  They were able to assist the dumbstruck Ukla and Eduardo.  Although there were a few slips (without Eduardo’s skills), they were able to scamper up the rope.  They made it back to Isaac’s camp in the dungeon and back to town. 



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