Dwimmermount - The Village People

Session 3 part 1

Sorry Segur

The party began the session in the dungeon.  They wanted to take out the orcs, and came up with several alternative plans, all of which included turning Varazes over to the orcs and throwing him in the pool of life if he was killed.  After several minutes the decision was made to just have Tariq summon some berserks and wing it. 

They returned to some orc guards rebuilding their barricade.  They stated they were coming to see Segur (the orc leader) and one of them ran ahead.  The party pushed past to the door of Segur’s makeshift throne room, finding the door barred from the other side.  After several minutes of pounding the door opened. 

The orcs were lined up in formation in the room, with Segur on his throne and a shield wall of orcs with swords in the front line and a row of orcs w/ spears directly behind.  There were 6 orc archers in the back of the room.  Segur was wearing the platinum earrings, and jeweled broach from the treasures of the IX legion. Most of the party couldn't fit in the room, so the zombie berserkers, Illyrio, Dave, and Tariq went in the room. Negotiations for treasure in return for Varazes began in earnest.  During negotiations, Tariq lost his patience and began casting, and combat broke out.

Dante won initiative and quickly wiped out 4 orcs, cutting his way through to the line of archers. Illyrio was able to kill a few as well.  Then it was the orcs’ turn and the party realized why Segur was king.  He carved through 3 berserkers before hitting Illyrio with a natural ‘20’, doing 25 points of damage in a single blow and reducing him to zero HP (crits = max damage + weapon damage, re-roll all max rolls, weapon focus roll 1 more extra die).  Luckily Tariq hit Segur with a skeletal choking grasp which, which didn’t really hurt him much but prevented him from reeking any more havoc. 

The hallway orc guards, and a large remaining group came around the corner to attack the party in the hallway.  After a few rounds of combat, Ukla, Jace, Eduardo, and the dogs managed to take them out.  A group of giant rats, attracted by the noise, was satisfied eating orc carcasses and were picked off one by one by Shemp.

Inside the throne room, Dave rushed to heal Illyrio.  He was alive, but had suffered severe head trauma and was a little adle-brained.  The orc's morale held strong, despite continuing losses, and Segur eventually broke free of the skeletal grasp.  He started to attack Dave, when Tariq unleashed the fear wand.

Dave, Dante, and Segur fled.  Dave and Dante were subdued by the other party members.  Segur had to force his way through the war dogs (made a successful overrun) to get away.  Tariq and Dante’s dogs followed after him.  Segur managed to have some of the guards still watching the halls delay the dogs long enough to run past the final guards.  The last surviving orcs poured oil on the floor and lit it on fire, doing some damage to Tariq and the dogs.  The dogs were unwilling to  chase the orcs through the fire and they returned without their prey. 

All in all the party had killed 26 orcs in the battle.  They began to pile up the bodies when Shemp and Eduardo noticed someone coming down the stairs to the guardroom.  It was the rival adventurer party the ‘Fist of Zeus’.  As they started their greetings, Tariq quickly killed Varazes to make sure he didn’t talk to them.  The party directed the Fist to move the other way and they went on to explore the 2nd level.  The PCs burned all of the bodies and made it out of the dungeon and back to Muntburg without any further encounters.  They recovered a chest full of 3900 silver and 6 old imperial x-bows



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