Dwimmermount - The Village People

Prologue #2

Village People

Prologue 2 – The Village People

The Village People campaign was basically a series of recurring one shots.  The initial session resulted in the 1st meeting between a party and a rival NPC band of adventurers.  The Delvers were victims of the PCs.  They were sure to explain that ‘what happens in the dungeon, stays in the dungeon”.  Their disappearance is still an unsolved mystery in Muntburg. 

They lost several PC characters during several forays. Using ACKs templates it was incredibly easy to roll up new characters and have the PCs playing as soon as they returned to Muntburg.   One of the original PCs was an assassin ‘Cult Deathbringer’, which we defined as a Termaxian cultist.  The party met the NPC party the Fists of Zeus (Typhon) in Muntburg.  The PC decided to retire that character by having him join the Fists in an attempt to assassinate them.  As a result I decided that he succeeded in killing Heloys the fighter while the Fists were in combat with some eldritch bones on level 2b.  The Fists killed him soon after.  The five remaining members of the ‘Fists’ became known henceforth as the five fingers of the newly named “Fist of Zeus”

Their last foray was wildly successful.  3 PCs rolled up new characters: two clerics (Hermit and Undead Slayer) and a mage (Necromancer).  That made for a total of 3 mages in the party.  The clerics included a cleric of Hera (Anesidora – Hermit template) and a cleric of Death (Donn – Undead Slayer template) armed with a silver scythe.   The remaining party member was a Thief – Cat Burglar.  The combination of a lucky pick locks roll, a good turning roll, magic missile, and the silver scythe made short work of the Vault of Spoils and its guardian wight.  The one shot ended with quick trips to Adamas and Yethlyreom to sell a +1 sword, a broach of sheilding, and the rest of the spoils, resulting in lots of gold and levelling for all.



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